Responsibility for the construction and maintenance of streets rests with the City.


Public roads are built and maintained by the North Savo Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment. Public roads in Varkaus include the following:

  • Highways VT5, VT23, Taipaleentie

  • Main roads: Jäppiläntie, Kangaslammintie, Harjurannantie

  • Local roads: Puurtilantie, Kopolanvirrantie, Kurolantie, Härmäniementie, Pisamaniementie

Reports related to the condition and maintenance of roads can be filed by e-mail (LINK). Reports filed by e-mail are forwarded to the public transport services where they are processed, Monday to Friday 08.00-16.00. In case of urgent problems posing a risk to road traffic, call 0200 2100 (24/7). When calling, be prepared to provide accurate information on the location of the problem site and your contact details.