Family services

Family counselling

Family counselling is provided by the Nikula Centre for Children and Youth. Parents are free to contact the Nikula office directly.

The Nikula family counselling team offers services that support children’s growth and parenting. The objective is to improve the wellbeing of families and promote the child-parent relationship.

Seek family counselling

  • if you need support in upbringing, parenting and the functionality of family relationships

  • if you are concerned about a child’s development and/or skills level, powers of concentration, behaviour, minor psychological symptoms (e.g. fears, nervousness, low spirits)

  • if there are major changes in your life situation, such as divorce, illness, loss of next of kin.

Additionally, we offer mediation in family matters before, during and after a divorce.

Neuropsychiatric coaching and rehabilitation may also be offered as a purchased service following due assessment.

Treatment is customised on consultation with the client in response to the needs of the family.