For council flats, please contact the city. Most of the council flats are rental flats co-funded by government subsidies. Eligibility for these flats is based on statutory criteria.
Municipalities are not required by law to provide rental housing for residents, but they are expected to develop local housing conditions. Most municipalities hire contractors to build rental housing and offer them to local residents either directly or through rental housing companies established by the municipality.

In Varkaus, council flats are rented out by Wartalo-kodit Oy.

Wartalo-kodit Oy is a city-owned limited liability company, which owns a total of 1,300 rental housing units in high-rise buildings, balcony access blocks and row houses near services in various parts of the city.

Contact details:

Wartalo Kodit Oy

Antinpuisto 8, 78250 Varkaus


E-mail: firstname.lastname@wartalo.fi

Office opening hours

Mon–Fri 09.00–16.00

Summer Mon–Fri 09.00–15.00


Housing secretary Raija Pulkkinen, tel. 010 421 5711

Customer service secretary Tanja Vartiainen, tel. 010 421 5712

Rental accountant Päivi Kaukonen, tel. 010 421 5715

Property secretary Lauha Kauppinen, tel. 010 421 5714

Resident liaison Mauri Boman, tel. 010 421 5716

Office manager Anne Hellstén, tel. 010 421 5718