Preparing for an appointment

  • An invitation letter from Varkaus outpatient clinic indicates the date and time of the hospital visit and provides other potential special instructions to enable the patient to prepare for the appointment.

  • Instructions on how to register at the outpatient clinic are also provided. Your personal details and payment information will be checked at the outpatient clinic when you register. If you use automatic registration, your personal details will not be checked at that point. If you wish to have your details checked, contact the patient office for instructions.

  • Please reserve enough time for your appointment at the outpatient clinic. Every effort will be made to keep the time of the appointment indicated in your invitation. You will be informed by the staff of any changes.

  • A bill for the appointment will be sent to your home address.

If you are unable to keep the appointment

  • If the appointment booked for you is unsuitable, please inform the care unit as soon as possible. This will allow us to reassign the appointment to someone else. An invoice will be sent for no-show appointments that have not been cancelled.