Patient charges

The patient charges of those covered by the Finnish health care system are based on the Act and Decree on Customer Charges in Social Welfare and Health Care.

  • An outpatient charge of EUR 41.20 invoiced by the outpatient clinic covers all procedures performed at the clinic and doctor's appointments. If a decision is made to admit the patient during the appointment, there will be no outpatient clinic charge. No charge applies to psychiatric outpatient care.

  • A day surgery fee of EUR 135.10 will be charged for day surgery performed in the surgery or operating room. Such a procedure requires general anaesthesia, extensive local anaesthesia or intravenous medication.

  • A serial treatment charge of EUR 11.40 is payable per appointment. Examples of serial therapy include continuous dialysis, radiotherapy or cytostatic therapy as well as medical rehabilitation. The charge is payable for a maximum of 45 treatment times per calendar year.

  • A no-show charge of EUR 50.80 is charged for a pre-booked examination or appointment that is not used/cancelled on time for an acceptable reason.