Medical care available for foreign nationals

Everyone who falls ill or is injured in Finland is entitled to emergency medical and dental care irrespective of their country of origin. Each patient is treated until they can safely travel back to their home country, which is primarily responsible for medical care and the cost of care.

The fees charged for treatment are determined according to the patient's home country. The provision of medical care services may be based on European Union legislation or other binding social security or medical care agreements with Finland.

General principles

  • In case of emergency and non-emergency care, the citizens of EU Member States, EEA states and Switzerland and foreigners living in Finland will be charged the same fees as people residing permanently in Finland.
  • The social security agreement with Quebec, Canada, covers medical care for those residing temporarily in Finland due to employment or studies, including their family members. Consequently, the medical charges are the same as for Finns.
  • An agreement with Australia covers emergency medical care for those residing temporarily in Finland who pay the same charges as Finns. The agreement does not apply to students.
  • People from countries other than EU Member States or contracting states are required to pay for the actual costs of treatment including emergency and non-emergency care.
  • Patients from countries other than the EU Member States or contracting states seeking non-emergency medical care need to inquire about access to treatment and agree on the arrangements in advance. An upfront payment of treatment costs is required.