Varkaus outpatient clinic of medical specialists

The outpatient clinic offers basic specialized medical care in areas such as diabetes and metabolic disorders, gastroenterology, haematology, infectious diseases, cardiology, lung diseases, neurology, renal diseases and rheumatology. Additionally, the clinic staff includes specialists in ear, nose and throat diseases, dermatology, gynaecology and paediatrics and ophthalmology. Surgical services include gastrointestinal, orthopaedic and hand surgery as well as plastic, urological and vascular surgery.

A referral from a physician is always required for non-emergency treatment.

A referral to the Varkaus outpatient clinic can be given by your own health centre physician, occupational healthcare physician or private practitioner. No action by the patient is required when a referral is made. The outpatient clinic will book an appointment for you and send an invitation to your home address.

Most referrals relate to an appointment with a physician. At the appointment, the physician examines our patient records and general condition, orders tests if necessary and analyses the results, prescribes medications and evaluates symptoms. The appointment may also include various tests, procedures, guidance on further treatment and counselling.

Appointments with a specialist may include endoscopic and other examinations, exercise tests and physiological measurements as well as X-rays or laboratory tests. The procedures will be indicated in your invitation.

An appointment with a nurse may involve support, guidance and counselling. Some appointments may include follow-up tests related to illness or medical care.

Interpretation services

  • If you need interpretation services, inform the staff in advance, if possible.
  • If necessary, interpretation can be booked from a private interpretation service with an extensive selection of languages.
  • Interpretation can be provided by telephone or face-to-face.