Health centre opening hours

Each Varkaus resident is designated a healthcare team determined according to their home address. The health centre offers self-care instructions and, if necessary, we make an appointment for you with a nurse or doctor. Many of the regular follow-up appointments can be handled by nurses.

Nurses and doctors see patients on the 4th and 5th floors of the health centre. To make an appointment with a nurse or doctor, call the health centre call-back service that will give you instructions. We will call you back twice if you fail to take the first call. From Monday to Thursday after 15.00 and Friday after 13.00, we will return your call only once.

Tel. +358 17 5796000.

Mon–Thu 08.15–15.00

Fridays and bank holiday eves 08.15 - 13.00

To cancel an appointment, call the same number at any time.