First aid and emergency care

Urgent care and on-call services

On-call services at the health centre

Savontie 55, tel. +358 17 579 5000

The 24/7 on-call services provided by basic healthcare attend to patients requiring urgent care, who cannot wait until the next day without the risk of aggravating their condition. Care is based on a triage evaluation made by phone or on site. Patients are seen to in order of urgency and waiting times to see a doctor may vary.

Patients requiring urgent medical attention may suffer from:

  • Chest pain or arrhythmia

  • Injury/suspected fracture

  • Shortness of breath/respiratory problems

  • Stroke symptoms

  • Sudden intense/worsening stomach pain

  • Heavy bleeding

  • Poisoning

If the symptoms are serious and life-threatening, call the emergency services at 112.

An appointment with on-call services is always necessary when the general condition of a baby under 3 months collapses.

Urgent care and first aid is provided for all.

An on-call service charge of EUR 28.30 per appointment applies 20.00­08.00, during weekends and on bank holidays. At other times, a charge of EUR 20.60 per appointment applies. War veterans and those under 18 are exempt from the on-call service charge. EU citizens are required to present the European Health Insurance Card. Non-EU citizens are required to pay the charges billed by the city.


On-call dental care services

Savontie 55, tel. +358 17 579 6500

Urgent dental care is provided by the dental care unit Mon-Fri during office hours (08.00–16.00).